0x88 Perft

Now the 0x88 board move generator is complete we can check if it generates the correct moves by implementing a perft function.

The perft function counts all valid moves to a certain depth from the current board position. This count can be checked against a table of known results to see if the move generator is behaving correctly.

The perft function is split into two parts. The perft() function initialises a timer and the counter and calls the recursive perft_s() function to generate the results which it then prints along with the time taken to calculate the result.

The perft_s() function is very simple. It starts by generating all pseudo valid moves for the current board layout.

It then iterates through the moves and ensures that making the move does not result in leaving the king in check – this turns the pseudo legal moves into actual legal moves.

If we’ve reached maximum depth then we count the move at this point. If not at maximum depth then we recursively call the perft_s() function to make all the moves for the opposition with the new board layout.

To use the perft() function I just populated the main() function with some test code.

I added the run_perft() function to provide a neater output when calculating to multiple depths. The main() function defines a fen string for the starting position then calculates the perft results at multiple depths (in the case above, from perft(1) to perft(6)).

This results in the following output.perft

Checking this against the results from the chessprogramming wiki here we can see that the move generator is working correctly, at least for the initial position.

I have been through all the perft positions in the wiki and the move generator creates the correct results for each one.

That concludes the 0x88 board move generator. Next we will start looking at a bitboard implementation to see how much of a speed improvement we can achieve.


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